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Teaching from the Heart

Can you recall a moment in your life when
~ you experienced a bursting flow of feeling alive
~the beauty of a child`s face was painting deep into your soul
~the singing of the birds was making you fall in love with life
~an appreciated word from a friend made you feel important
~ the tears of gratitude was flooding your heart with a deep connection to nature on a mountaintop. I believe we all want to own these moments in our daily life as a continuous state of being. 
My offering through teaching yoga is far beyond physical well-being, but guiding your way
~to a vital connection to all that life is 
~to a loving relationship with all your body parts
~ to encourage you participating of what you are
to a deepened sense of being
~to discover intimacy with and within yourself
~ towards a conscious relatedness to every living thing
~to develop `the muscle of strength that receives` and
~to allow your joyful nature to come through.

Namaste to you All   
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