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Enliven your Spirit
Discovering Our Inherent Divine Nature or Precious Inner Intelligence
Perfect Harmony~ for Pregnancy and birth (Affirmation to nurture your body mind and soul)
The Woman`s Worth
A Softer World


Pregnancy Yoga
The Dance of the Universe
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Enliven your Spirit

When I am in touch with my feelings,
I am alive, I am boundless, I am present.
I am landing on a place of safety as I am sinking into the depth of my center, where, I know, I am not alone.
I feel the energy that flows through my body and dances in my veins, that is eternally present in each and every breath. 
The flow of my breath becomes my liquid golden essence, the divine gift that is my soul.

Discovering Our Inherent Divine Nature or Precious Inner Intelligence

On a beautiful sunny day in the park, in the utter quietness of the moment everything seems just naturally perfect. As the gentle breeze is touching my skin and cooling me under the warming sun, my harmonious state is even more refined. The birds are performing their pretty chorus lines from behind the bushes, the grass is showing off like a perfect a gigantic pigeon is walking circles around my resting body on the ground.
Who on Earth would want to change this experience. Why would we want to change the gifts that have been inherently given to us by nature.
I found that  as i have been stepping, falling and feeling into the meaning and expression of yoga, forming and shaping what it truly means to me and giving myself permission to refine its meaning each and every day..everything that is unnatural, forced or regulated is just falling away from my practice. Falling away like the leaves of the trees do in the Autumn..peeling off the conditioning of my yoga body and gradually revealing another piece of my naked i give myself permission to live, laugh, move and feel freely each and every moment.Yes, i want to know what is our natural constitution as we live our life in our human forms and want to know what makes my spirit rise in each and every moment.
As my body is awakening, breathing, expressing, feeling and therefore shining each day a little more..i find those cords that had been lost to my sight are mending and i find the safety of being held ..held in the caring arms of the Universe.

Perfect Harmony~ for Pregnancy and birth (Affirmation to nurture your body mind and soul)

Feel the vibration and the meaning of these words entering your body and resonating in each cell of your body and your baby's body

I am breathing in the Perfect Harmony of the Universe.The perfect harmony..where i can trust myself and trust all the goodness in the people who surround me.
I am willing to see myself in the Perfect Light,
where i am who i am, where my perfect nature shines
and brings light to all who are ready to see the Truth.

I am willing to see myself and my baby in the loving arms of the Universe where i know we are held in safety and nurturing comfort. I trust the process of my labour. I trust that my baby is arriving into this world happily and smoothly.
I trust my inner power that will carry me though the challenges of my pregnancy and my labour.

I am breathing in the Perfect Harmony of the Universe.
The perfect harmony..where i can trust myself..where i choose to listen to my inner voice and let that guide me though the peaks and valleys of my labour.I trust the process of my labour and allow myself to be held in the loving arms of the Universe.

May my inner Peace Support me, Surround me and Guide me throughout my Pregnancy and birth.

The Woman`s Worth

~The source of it is Acceptance, acceptance towards herself
~She loves beyond measure
~She trusts beyond measure 
~Her beauty shines from a thousand miles as the source of her beauty is the depth of her soul
~She has the joy of a child, the playful ease of a maiden, the elegance of a queen, the nurturing love of a mother, the wisdom of the grandmothers, the compassionate heart of the Angels and the endless love of her rising spirit..and the source of it all is: her body and the deeply rooted wisdom inside that she carries into the world every day to illuminate another soul.
~She has the greatest courage to share her vulnerability with one another as she knows that tremendous power is waiting to be unfolded every time she chooses to bring forth the naked truth of her spirit.

~ ~ ~
She opens her heart every time a new life is growing inside of her. She opens her heart every time she is devastated in pain and just cries and cries and cries. She opens her heart when things go wrong because she knows that the only way out of being down is surrendering to the love in her heart.
She opens her heart every time a lover breaks her heart because she knows that the one man: her beloved is on his way and to love him she needs to stay open.
She opens her heart every time when waves crash over her head as she knows that she needs to descend underwater to feel and become soaked in her emotions to emerge from the waters with grace and power. 

The Woman`s Worth is the overflowing Love in her heart that will one day shake up the Earth, stir up the Ocean and fill up the Air and the Sky with the warmth of the Sun and transmute all pain and suffering into  a never ending Joy.

A Softer World

I believe in a softer world..
a softer world where men deeply love women and women gently love men.
A believe in a softer world, where we dare to be vulnerable and to reach out for help.
I believe that hugging can heal lives and kissing relieves the deepest wounds of our past.
I believe in Magic..
Magic, that never dies,
yet an endless story of wonder.

Intimacy ~ Connection ~ Healing

Joyful yoga is an invitation for you to have a conscious experience of your life,to participate in what you are, to settle into an intimate connection of your own being. With this new sense of being you may attract the most intimate partner into your life to burn your soul into a fuller, richer existence than being on your own. Life is meant to be lived in connection. Besides a divine experience, life is meant to be a human experience as well. We are not here to deny it. You don`t have to give up your worldly emotions, instead become a living, walking radiance in touch with all of your aspects, all of your body-parts. Feel your existence into a depth where you are able to let go and soften into the moment. Living life in such an intimate way is a whole turnaround in all of our connections.

Teaching from the Heart

Can you recall a moment in your life when
~ you experienced a bursting flow of feeling alive
~the beauty of a child`s face was painting deep into your soul
~the singing of the birds was making you fall in love with life
~an appreciated word from a friend made you feel important
~ the tears of gratitude was flooding your heart with a deep connection to nature on a mountaintop. I believe we all want to own these moments in our daily life as a continuous state of being. 
My offering through teaching yoga is far beyond physical well-being, but guiding your way
~to a vital connection to all that life is 
~to a loving relationship with all your body parts
~ to encourage you participating of what you are
to a deepened sense of being
~to discover intimacy with and within yourself
~ towards a conscious relatedness to every living thing
~to develop `the muscle of strength that receives` and
~to allow your joyful nature to come through.

Namaste to you All   

Yoga From the Inside Out ~ Stilling the Waters

What an amazing gift to be alive at this time of my life. Tremendous work has been done both through my inner and outer journeys this year. A year that was full of surprise and navigation both through my inner core and through my beloved SweetHeart. I am hoping to mirror back all the Love that shines towards my heart from places that I have never known existed.  I bow to the Divine nature of the Universe for feeling beautiful from the Inside Out. By now i have been surrounded with the love that makes my heart beat with a sacred pulse. The pulse that everyOne's right to own and that is inherently given. Yes, it is. For each and everyOne of us. I feel as if i am floating from low and high. From the bottom of the Ocean, from a higher Space and all in between. I am a rhythm that is made to pulse and dance as I am moving through it all, that has ever been existed and that is just about to born.
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